Everything You Need to Start Speaking Spanish in The Shortest Time Possible

These are my favorite tools and resources for speaking Spanish. They are what have worked best for me and my students.

In fact one of the secrets to learning is a little each day. If you simply take a small amout of time daily to practice these ideas you will be amazed how fast your Spanish will grow.

Instead of you searching and struggling, I want to give you tools that are going to cut your learning curve to the bone.

I recently completed an audio series to accompany "Shortcut to Spanish" so you can practice actually speaking Spanish.

I also added printable flashcards to improve your Spanish learning with the original "Shortcut to Spanish" book.

The idea for a transcript comes from requests from students. So let me know if I can add anything else to the program to make "Shortcut to Spanish" your doorway to the Spanish speaking world.

After you have downloaded all the tools click on the link at the bottom of the page for a special limited time offer on all the "Shortcut to Spanish" resources.

  • Chapters 1-4 from the book "Shortcut to Spanish" - A 31-day course that shows you how to communicate in spanish using thousands of Spanish words you didn't know you knew.
    Click here to download 4 chapters

  • "Shortcut to Spanish Audio Transcript"
    If you like the written word to help you grasp Spanish here is a transcript of Audio 1-4
    Click here for transcript

  • Shortcut to Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards System from lesson 1-4

    Note: This simple idea helped me learn Spanish perhaps more than anything else, I strongly recommend give it a try -
    Click here for the printable Flashcards

  • No nonsense Spanish speaking practice from the "Shortcut to Spanish Audio Series" - with Marcus Santamaria and Elena Chagoya
    Lesson 1   Lesson 2  Lesson 3  Lesson 4 

  • "Speak Spanish And Be Understood" audio lessons - with Marcus Santamaria and Elena Chagoya
    Part 1   Part 2  Part 3 

How to be sure you succeed with Spanish.