Shortcut to Spanish Presents
Essential Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards for CueCard.

Download Instructions for the cards for your CueCard software.

If you donīt already have the "Cuecard Software" it is available here free, "Click here for Cuecard software".

There are a lot of instructions here. But it is not so difficult, I just want to make the instructions are easy and step by step so you don't miss this great tool for learning Spanish vocabulary.

first before you go to the download page set up your computer


  1. open my documents on your computer
  2. click on file
  3. put you mouse on new
  4. a new menu will appear click on folder
  5. write Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards in the box under the folder

    if the writing doesn't appear open my documents
    right click on the new folder and click rename
    rename the folder Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards

    now the download

Downloading and saving your Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards is easy. Just follow the step by step directions below:

  1. go to the download page.
  2. right click on the link to the Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards,
  3. A menu should appear, select "save target as".
  4. in the save as box at the top you will see - save in - click on the arrow
  5. click on my documents
  6. click on the folder that says Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards
  7. click save
  8. after the file has finished downloading and you see the download completed box,click on close.
  9. Downloading is over

    Now open your CueCard Software.

    1. Click on file
    2. click on load cards
    3. click on the arrow next to look in
    4. click on my documents
    5. click on Spanish Mnemonic Flashcards
    6. click on the cards you want to open
    7. click study, click contine and you have begun

    You are ready to start learning Essential Spanish vocabulary faster than ever.

    Everything to get you started speaking Spanish right away.

    Click here if you missed the Spanish mini course.

    Marcus Santamaria

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